Old Man Winter and Mother Nature have a Spat

Looking to the west from the ancient settlement of Old Sarum in Wiltshire.

England’s green and pleasant land. … Looking to the southwest from the ancient settlement of Old Sarum in Wiltshire.


We were in England in September. Spent some time traveling through Somerset, Berkshire, Surrey. So, so beautiful. What a terrible state of affairs to see, by the news images, so much of these areas, and more, covered in flood water.

It’s been a brutal winter all over, of course. Ol’ Man Winter and Mother Nature seem to be engaged in some kind of angry spat.

In the U.S. northeast a massive snow and ice storm, which has already battered areas in the south unfamiliar with such weather, is currently blasting through.

In southern Ontario, temperatures are finally rising to within a few degrees of zero Celsius following weeks submerged in the -12C area and lower and a snow storm almost every week.

It’s practically balmy out there now!

Of course, with an ice storm of our own passing through here just before Christmas, leaving in its wake massive power outages, millions of dollars in damage and wreaking havoc to our tree canopy, we understand the chaos of the unexpected, catastrophic weather event.

With any luck this winter will go in the annals as one never to be repeated and we’ll all move ahead into a glorious spring.

Wherever you may be this winter, I wish you well.

Thanks for visiting,

Dorothy 🙂

What’s the winter been like where you are? 


©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014

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