A Spring Roll

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!


The horses were double-blanketed for most of this past brutal winter.

One of the first encouraging signs of spring was getting to turn our four-legged friends out into the paddocks naked.

Here’s a sequence I happened to capture a couple of weeks ago while Bear and Dream were enjoying some spring sunshine.


Bear enjoys a moment in basking in the warm sun. Meanwhile ...

“Oh, what a lovely afternoon for basking in the sun,” muses Bear. “I wonder what Dream’s up to … “


... a delightful spring roll. "Hmmm," muses Bear ...

“Hey, Bear! You gotta do this! Man, I forgot how good this feels!”


... "Now it's my turn." Dream responds, "Have at it." ...

“Right then. Make way …”


Right here will do nicely ...

“Oh yes, this is a good idea …”


"Need help there, buddy?" asks Dream

“Need help there, buddy?” asks Dream.


"No thanks, dude, I'm done."

“No thanks, dude, I’m done. That was awesome.”



“Great idea, Dream. Nothing quite like a spring roll.”


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Dorothy 🙂

©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014


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