A Walk on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day morning I was up early to take my beautiful dog, Abbey, for a walk.

The weather was perfect for a gentle amble around the neighbourhood and through the park. We stopped by the stream and sat on a rock as the water babbled and burbled by our feet, birds of variety singing their May song and the sun’s rays warming our backs.

When it was time to go home we walked back through the park. Two small dogs, both off leash, ran over to us and attacked my beautiful girl (who was leashed). Their delinquent owners couldn’t call them off and so came bounding over to retrieve them, which they did with some difficulty.

Bless her, Abbey did not react to these two canine hooligans, but simply stuck close while I did my best to fend them off.

When we were finally able to remove ourselves from the situation, I sat Abbey down and gave her a big hug.

Such a good girl.

At home she looked so beautiful lying by the front door I simply had to capture the moment.


 If she could wish me a Happy Mother’s Day I know she would, as I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to women everywhere who find joy in their children.

Love my girlie.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014



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