Flying Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story


Dallard and Hershey


As we all know the trajectory of a life can change in a split second. You might call it a flying change.

Yesterday I was watching my new friend Dallard and his horse, Hershey, have a lesson with our coach, Stefan.

In this precise moment they’d just executed a lovely flying lead change (when a horse switches canter leads in mid air, thus a “flying” change), while Stefan pointed them in the new direction.

The remarkable thing about this image is the backstory.

Dallard purchased Hershey, a half-Thoroughbred/half-Hanoverian gelding, in June 2005 for his wife, Karen, six months after her diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. She was not a smoker.

In his own words: “She competed him once at an RCRA (Royal Canadian Riding Academy) Ice Breaker to complete a bucket list item. She was absolutely thrilled. I was Hershey’s groom for those three and a half years and I fell in love with him.”

When Karen died on July 18, 2008, Dallard couldn’t bear to part with Hershey and so started to ride, even though he’d had no previous riding experience.

Dallard is 70 years young.

Hershey is an angel.

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21 thoughts on “Flying Change

    • Are horses not the most amazing creatures that way? You have been a blessing to each other through difficult times and, as I’ve mentioned before, you are an inspiration. Thanks for stopping by,, and enjoy the ride. 🙂

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