Prairie Relics

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic


For this challenge we’re visiting two locations in the Canadian prairies ~ the ghost town of Rowley and Heritage Park in Calgary, both in Alberta.

Since my family has roots in the prairies and I remember some of these things from when “I was a girl,” (I’ll differentiate ~ I’m not that old 😉 …), it’s fun for me to be able to share this with you.

Alberta Relics

These I do remember. There was a time when grain elevators could be seen all across the prairies ~ markers of the next town so you were never lost. As a child I found them very romantic and loved scanning the horizon for them whenever we were going for a drive. Their actual business was to collect and store grain until the next train rolled into town to pick it up.

Sadly you seldom see these wooden sentinels anymore. Most have deteriorated over the years and been demolished. In Rowley, however, these grain elevators have been restored and are a tourist attraction. Similar elevators exist in Heritage Park as well.

This CP Rail caboose is also a relic of the past. Up until the 1980s these manned rail transport vehicles were coupled to the end of freight trains as shelter for the train crew and as lookouts for safety issues.
I can remember what a thrill it was, as a child, to wave to the engineers stationed in the caboose as the end of the train went by. They always waved back.


Relic II

No, I’m not old enough to have used one of these!

Captured at Heritage Park


Manual Typrewiter

While this typewriter on display at Heritage Park does somewhat pre-date me, I am old enough to have started learning to type on a manual.
Carbon paper to type things in triplicate and no “auto-delete” button.
Those were the days. 😉


Kitchen Relics

Stuff in the kitchen of the old rail station at Rowley.
This kind of shelf liner I recall from time spent at my grandmother’s.
Look at that wallpaper!!


Tractor Relic

When I look at one of these old tractors (this one in Rowley) I always wonder how they got any traction.
Hmmm … guess this predates me too. 😉


Relic Stairwell

Lots of relics here, but I’d like to draw your attention to this relic of a staircase nailed into a tree! You’ll find this in the middle of the old bank in Rowley, if memory serves.



Living relics of the past. You rarely see wagon teams anymore.
These beauties captured at Heritage Park.


Thanks for visiting these old relics with me …



©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2014

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18 thoughts on “Prairie Relics

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    • Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours. I love your grain elevator images. My maternal grandfather was born in Bantry, North Dakota, so I do have ties, albeit distant ones, to this northern state. Be well, Dorothy

  2. Love coming to this page. Such captivatingly beautiful and poignant messaging through word and photo alike. Thanks for sharing the world’s beauty through your own special view of it.

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