Venetian Water Ways



An enduring and romantic symbol of the water city that is Venice,
a lone gondola rests on the Grand Canal.


Grand Canal

I remember my first visit to Venice some years ago.

The whole notion of boats taking the place of cars, buses and delivery vehicles as primary modes of transportation was such a fascinating concept.

In fact, it still fascinates me.


Traffic Jam

Instead of the crush of cars there are, naturally, traffic jams of gondola, especially in the smaller channels.

This is particularly so during the day when cruise ship passengers invade the city. It’s kind of surreal, in a way, but a classic reflection of this beautiful old city.

We experienced our gondola ride in the early evening. Much less traffic. Highly recommended.

A story for another day.

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©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014

8 thoughts on “Venetian Water Ways

      • Sorry for the late response, Dorothy. The ‘eyes to heart’ photo is incredible and I would like to be able to purchase it from you and see if I can have it transferred to a large canvas for my mum and dad’s house. Purely for enjoyment only.
        Would that be a possibility?
        Thanks kindly, Stacey.

      • Wonderful! It would be my honour to make this possible for you. Not to complicate things but simply to ensure privacy, please contact me through and we can pursue this further. In the email please indicate which specific image on this post interests you. Thank you for your interest. Look forward to hearing from you … Dorothy 🙂

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