Everybody’s Going Surfing

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue


Everybody's Going Surfing

The second part of my response to this challenge also takes place in Australia, this time on the beautiful beach at Manly.

I am not a surfer … I’m not even that comfortable in water (unless it’s an infinity pool 😉 … ) so I’m always intrigued by those who are prepared to go out there and wrestle with the aquatic elements.

A school of surfers carrying highly identifiable surfboards head into the breakers with their instructor. A colourful sight indeed.


Surf Rescue

Meanwhile, a little further down the beach stands SURF RESCUE … just in case.

That’s a dialogue that speaks volumes. 😉

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©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014


5 thoughts on “Everybody’s Going Surfing

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  2. I am not from Sydney nor do I surf but as soon as I saw that first photo I knew it was in Australia. It boggles my mind that people want to tangle with the sea and all it’s mystery and power. I’m a landlubber. I love your interpretation (yet again) of the topic and the photos.

    • Thank you. … I’m with you on the whole water thing. It’s really pretty to look at but not something I want to tangle with. I suppose water sports are one of those things you need to pick up when you’re young. 😉

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