Dancer’s Adventure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure




Life itself, in my mind, is the ultimate adventure.

Little Dancer is just three weeks old and off and running, often literally, on his lifetime adventure. He is the newest member of the FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) herd where I am presently engaged in my own adventure to become a certified equine experiential learning facilitator.

One of the most important aspects of experiential learning, if not THE most important aspect, is to be in the moment. Because horses are highly sensitive prey animals they do this rather well and make excellent teachers for us scattered humans too busy caught up in the past or focused on the future to enjoy the present.

So, while at the farm yesterday, and after engaging with some of the other horses in a little active round pen work, I stopped by the maternity paddock and spent some time being in the moment with Dancer as he engaged with his world.

Such a joy to be in the presence of this happy little boy.

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