The Healer






Monochrome Madness: Week 31


“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.”

Alice Walker


Contendor is a therapy horse. His gift: “to help people learn about their nonverbal cues, unconscious behaviour patterns and the emotional import and intent of their words and actions.”*

His work is based in fact and proven by science ~ it’s all about heart connection.

He is one of many such horses at the facility where I am learning to be a facilitator of equine experiential learning.

Of course, as I learn how to facilitate, I experience the process ~ the incredible power of the horse to reflect back to us who we are in our truth. Their ability to move us through a stuck state and give us the proverbial wings to fly.

As I learn I experience a positive shift in myself. My own view of Self becomes clearer. I am empowered to heal my inner life through the wisdom of the horse.

So, I would say to you that yes, horses make that landscape out there look more beautiful, and thank goodness for that or it might make for one boring drive in the country.

Still, I can’t help but believe that the changes horses can effect on our inner landscapes given the chance, are equally, if not more, beautiful … and magnificently life affirming.

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©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2014

*Source: For more information on the healing journey with horses, visit Horse Spirit Connections

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