Bear’s Healing Journey



Monochrome Madness Week 32

This image of my equine companion, Bear, was captured about three weeks ago when he was feeling rather under the weather with a lameness issue.

Like me he’s been experiencing a transitional year.

New barn; new coach; new training regimen and work ethic; new friends have been positive stressors requiring adjustment and alignment on both our parts.

Releasing old behaviour patterns that no longer suit and embracing a new, more authentic way of being in the world requires big change at all levels and can be an exhausting process. If we aren’t paying attention and listening to our bodies, serious damage can ensue.

Adrenal fatigue has been my teacher here.

I’m pleased to say that now, after much considered care by his amazing vet, chiropractor, the barn owner, the farrier and with heaping doses of extra love from me and now two paddock buddies to pass the time with outside, Bear is feeling much better. In fact, it seems to me he’s moving more freely than I’ve ever experienced. Indeed, his frame of mind in his work appears to reflect this ~ probably because he is feeling more comfortable.

Like people, horses can get caught up in a negative way of being. It’s what they get used to so it becomes “normal.”

But then one day the ball drops.

The wake up call Bear gave me when he first appeared lame told me he was ready for change; told me he needed to rest before stepping even further into the new, more life-embracing way of being I’d chosen for us both earlier this year.

I’m glad I listened and had the support around me to move him gently into his next stage of development.

Today he gets a massage to complete this cycle of care.

Lucky horse. 😉

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I notice we’ve passed the 1,000 marker for followers. Thank you so much to one and all for showing such interest in my photography. I plan a retrospective of my favourite images for a future blog post when things settle down a bit around here. Stay tuned!

©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014

12 thoughts on “Bear’s Healing Journey

  1. Lovely photo, beautiful writing, connecting yours and Bear’s changes and experiences. Animals are very sensitive to our needs and they often reflect what we are going through. Best to you both. x

    • Thank you. I notice a sensitivity in all my animals (a horse, two dogs, two cats), but Bear’s is a special brand. The learning curve we’ve been on together this year has been an incredible experience. To embody the new we must let go of the old and, as a result, we’ve had quite a bit of down time this summer. We’re working our way back to wellness now ~ a more authentic way of being ~ and are more content for the experience. Be well … 🙂

  2. Dear Dorothy:

    Thank you so much for continuing to post your beautiful photographs, and more especially your sensitive and thought-provoking comments with them. You bring a wonderfully calmness to my online life. Thank you.


    Ross Mackay “Ideas in Action” 905-726-9587

    • Thanks so much, Ross. It’s my pleasure to be able to provide a bit of online solace in your busy world. … I hope things are well with you. Who knows, perhaps we will bump into each other again at Toastmasters one day. 😉 … Be well … Dorothy 🙂

  3. We seem to be on similiar paths. Maggie pulled a stiffle in March, which overloaded the old front leg injury she had when I bought her. The injury that had reformed her thought processes and muscular development, convincing herself she was lame long after the actual injury had healed. The stress and pain, added to a summer of no exercise triggered IR. Lucky for me, I realized the symptoms before serious hoof damage could occur. Still lame and sore, my primary need is getting her moving again (and a long cold winter is moving in to shut us down). Thanks for posting links on your blogs that can help us get through this. You’re a blessing, Dorothy. 🙂 ❤

    • Thanks, Charly. Bear is moving so much better since we got this sorted. And hill work now is helping to build strength in the stifle since the massage therapist noted how weak he is there. … I hope Maggie is better soon. I know how difficult it is to see them suffer and not know what to do to help. Perhaps the winter will be delayed and you can get that much needed exercise in. 😉 I am going to need to talk to the barn owner about a proper maintenance program for Bear so we don’t need to walk down this road again. More chiropractic at the end of this month, I’m thinking. Best of luck with everything. Be well …

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