Italian Light Play

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction


Light play.

Expressions of light toy with our senses.

My senses were beautifully tickled in Italy last June.

What light?

Early morning light bursts through the Tuscan sky.


Piazza del Republic

Bubbles of light paint the Piazza Republica in Firenze.


Venetian Refraction

Subdued light mirrors Venizia.


Tuscan Refraction

A laser beam of light targets the Torre de Mangia in the Piazza del Campo, Siena


Florentine Refraction

Another nod to Firenze with light play on the River Arno


Refracted Colour

A dance of light upon the River Arno is a visual treat.


Be dazzled and delighted by the play of light, for it will make you smile.

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