All Heart

Monochrome Madness: Week 34


Horse wisdom


I never get tired of watching horses interact with one another.

There’s a grace, dignity, reverence and awareness in their actions that, for me, verges on the spiritual.

My heart is lifted and my head is light as I gaze upon their beauty and embrace the moment with them.

In this instance, my Bear (foreground), is in the process of getting to know new herd mate, Midas.

This image was taken in the spring about 10 minutes into their initial meeting.

Already, after a few snorts and squeals, stomping of feet as nostril meets nostril, breath meets breath, and a short tour of the paddock together, Bear and Midas have made their peace and are sharing a snacking moment.

I love how their heads pressed together side by side give the impression of a heart.

To me that’s what these spirited animals are all about ~ they’re all heart.

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©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014

4 thoughts on “All Heart

    • Thank you. … Horses are experts at reading body language ~ horse and human. This is why they make such great partners in therapeutic settings. They immediately reflect back the energy in their environment. As a result, it’s important to know and understand the energy we’re bringing to any meeting with a horse. Aggression is met with aggression; calmness with calm. Horses don’t change their response until we change ours, so they are a wonderful mirror for helping us to understand where we are in the moment. … Horses do this instinctively when they meet one another for the first time. Like people they either do or don’t get along. The introduction between Bear and Midas went really well, but within a few days it became obvious that Midas, who’d not been turned out with other horses for a long time and was acting rather like a kid in a candy store, was a little too exuberant and Bear didn’t like it. In the end they had to be separated if neither was to get seriously injured. … With respect to their interactions to people, horses cannot lie yet are expert at recognizing, responding to and teaching us about the lies we tell ourselves. Not through head thinking, but through heart resonance. They are incredible animals indeed. … Thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

      • What an insightful response ! I would just love to be around horses more! I used to stop and watch them endlessly through out my time in the NL and became convinced they had a language we could not hear. I did not read about the separation. I am sorry as I know you were initially pleased. I feel like the child in Midas sometimes. Is he completely secluded again? 🌷

      • Midas injured himself and had to be isolated for a while to recover. He is out with another herd now and seems to be doing well. … Bear had another new buddy, Tango. I hope to have images of them soon. They were introduced to each other yesterday and appear to be well matched. … Thanks for your interest. Be well, Dorothy 🙂

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