Toward the Light

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


Meditation 2

Yesterday afternoon, following a treatment of shockwave therapy to Bear’s recently injured right hind lateral suspensory ligament (in human terms a badly sprained ankle), I found him standing quietly facing the back of his stall. The light from the window reflected so perfectly on his noble face, and the shadowing was so beautifully dramatic, that I grabbed my Nikon D70, which I’ll be using a lot over the next four months while I document his recovery, and captured this moment of serenity. I did so carefully so as not to disturb his quiet reverie.

The vet diagnosed his injury by ultrasound earlier this week and, needless to say, it’s taken a few days for me to find my equilibrium after such terrible news. This is serious requiring 24/7 stall rest, twice-daily hand walking and daily bandaging. I want to give him every opportunity to fully recover so will do everything I can to help make him comfortable and keep him amused. Fortunately he is in the care of a knowledgeable and enlightened horse woman, so I know he will be getting the best of care. This makes all the difference to my peace of mind on the matter.

So, for the winter months Bear and I are truly dormant.

Still, this quietude gives us lots of time to contemplate the next leg of our journey, and as long as we keep looking toward the light this shadow we are living under cannot last forever.

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©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2015

19 thoughts on “Toward the Light

    • Thank you. He is quite content, as it happens. Happy to nibble at his hay and to have me around to take care of his special needs right now. It’s taken a few days to find my equilibrium again, but I am feeling better, too. 🙂 … Life moves on and so must we. … Be well … Dorothy

    • Thanks so much. Bear is in good spirits and happily amused with his nibble net. … It’s been really cold for hand walking the past few days so those sessions have been kept to 15 minutes. Still, its nice to spend more quiet time with him. 🙂

  1. Dorothy, first of all, that is a gorgeous photo-so great work! Secondly, fingers crossed for Bear. he is a beautiful horse, so grand and stately. Here’s hoping for a fast, painless, full recovery.

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