Lucky Charm

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself




While my horse, Bear, is in rehab due to an injured lateral suspensory ligament, a lucky charm has taken up residence in his bridle.

An expression of my inner child, this little horse puppet’s name just happens to be Lucky.


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©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2015


8 thoughts on “Lucky Charm

    • Thanks, Charly. … So glad that Maggie is better and you’re back in the saddle. At least you can “de-rust” together. 😉 … Though there’s not much I can do about it at the moment, I will admit that I am concerned about how rusty I’ll feel once Bear is back in work. Still, for now my main concern must be nursing him back to health. … Be well and enjoy your precious time with Maggie …

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