More Than Skin Deep

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall




For some reason I can relate to the ancient places. Wandering around Firenze late last spring fed my old soul in deep and, even, healing ways.

Everywhere I looked there was something profoundly beautiful to see.

At one point we were walking along a narrow cobbled lane, just following it to who knows where, when my attention was drawn to an adjacent wall.

Brick, mortar, plaster, and what is that? Alabaster or marble inlay? I don’t know. I’m no art expert. But it spoke to me and I hovered there for a moment to soak it all in.

Weathered by time and the elements, it seemed to me that this wall characterized the unique qualities of this ancient city, and the art and craftsmanship that make it what it is.

While locals and tourists filed by, this beautiful remnant of another time not even on their radar, I stood there mesmerized for a moment. Breathtaking it seemed, in all its vulnerable glory.

As I revisit it now it reminds me of the many layers of life. The solid foundation of the soul overlain by masks and veneers that, over time, gradually chip away to reveal the true essence of who we are and whatever we’ve cultivated that to be.

Outer beauty fades over time. It’s what’s underneath that counts.

I’m not what I was in the bloom of my youth. Life has knocked me around and the wear and tear of the years is showing up in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways. Still, I like to feel that what lies beneath this aging exterior is a solid foundation that will see me through.

As this wall clearly demonstrates beauty is, after all, more than skin deep.

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