Solitude at Santa Croce



As travel companions go I’m pretty easy going. As long as I have comfortable lodgings and the food is good I’m game for some adventure.

During our visit to Italy last summer I was still recovering from adrenal fatigue, so adventure for me was pretty much contained to being creative with my photography.

My husband is used to me falling behind while we’re exploring. Something ~ a colour, an object, an idea, a vision, you name it ~ will have caught my imagination and I need to play it out.

One thing I love to create are moments like this ~ a mood of solitude and mystery in a place of great beauty. Fortunately my husband is a willing subject and, as you can imagine, Italy offered a wealth of beautiful locations. This image captured in the atmospheric cloisters of Santa Croce in Firenze.

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©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2015

2 thoughts on “Solitude at Santa Croce

  1. We are the same, Dorothy. I’m the photographer and my husband is my patient and willing assistant. I often need to follow an inspiration to take a photo away from the group if we are on a tour. He’s probably lower maintenance than am I, but we travel well together. Lovely photo.

    • Thank you … I’m terrible in a travel group. I either get left behind or wander off on my own. I seldom hear much of what a tour guide has to say either. And it’s not that I’m not interested ~ I just get lost in my own imagination. My husband, however, picks up on most things and fills me in on what I need to know. 😉

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