A Perfect Day

Tuscan Heaven

On day one at the villa we all stuck around. Sure, there were all kinds of sights we wanted to see, but first we wanted to relax and enjoy the amazing location and its ambiance.

First thing in the morning I went for a walk with a friend (in the interest of getting some exercise, don’t you know 😉 …) down the long, rolling driveway (pictured). It’s the sort of one-lane gravel road you drive once and wonder if you dare do it again. I believe we all collectively held our breath every time we started and ended a day trip, wondering if the cars would make it up and down those acute hills and around the sharp bends. We also prayed we would never have to negotiate it in the rain. (Fortunately we didn’t.)

The lane is longer than it looks, too, and under the heat of even the early morning sun can pose quite a challenging walk. But it was worth it. The views were amazing, and it was fun to inspect the plant life.

For the balance of the day everyone lazed by the amazing pool (pictured yesterday) ~ the guys barbecuing for lunch and the ladies on clean-up duty.

In the evening we dared negotiate the perilous driveway (where we frequently bottomed out!) and headed into tiny Iano for pizza.


Our first full day at the villa could not have been more perfect.

Thanks for visiting …



©Dorothy Chiotti … Aimwell CreativeWorks 2015

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