The Amused Muse

Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse


My Muse


For those who follow any of my blogs it will come as no surprise that my chief Muse and grounding device is my equine companion, Shakespeare, aka Bear.

He has graced my life for the past nine years and, with his gentle nature and comic genius, has seen me through some really difficult times.

On June 25, Mr. Bear celebrated his 14th birthday.

For the past six months he’s been convalescing from a serious injury, living a rather restricted life through which he has demonstrated a poise and good nature rarely seen in confined horses. He’s been a model patient, in fact.

Lately, with his injury now mended, we’ve been able to introduce short periods of turnout in the round pen to get him used to more activity without re-injuring himself. And just this week he was put on all-day turnout in a small paddock where we can keep an eye on him and he can enjoy grazing peacefully like a regular horse again.

The best birthday present ever!

I’m so pleased for him … and he’s really quite amused.

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