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Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected


Finding Connection

Working around horses as I do, I am constantly aware of the value of true connection. In the connected space hearts and minds meet to a mutually beneficial outcome.

Horses can teach us a lot about connection.

When Bear and Midas met for the first time it was quite the scene. Old Midas (right), when introduced to the small herd for the first time, was keen to make a new friend. Bear, on the other hand, already established as the alpha was keen not to have the apple cart upset.

Bear being the gentleman he is, however, was most accepting as they made their first tentative connection, established hierarchy and learned to see eye to eye.


Within 20 minutes of the first squeal and snort they had extended their connection to include the sharing of food.

It was fun to watch these two boys get acquainted. It doesn’t always go so well.


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©Dorothy Chiotti 2015

10 thoughts on “Getting to know you …

  1. What a lot these photos tell! I think we can learn a lot from animals, one thing being that they allow the alpha leader to continue on, most of the time. It takes a lot of stress away from one’s being if you are not worried about being the leader, and you can just ‘be’.

    • Awesome observation. Horses are great at “being.” They go with the flow of energy, fully aware of their surroundings at all times. They’re also great at setting and testing boundaries and can teach us a great deal about living in the moment. That’s why they make such great partners in experiential learning environments. When we are in their presence they accurately reflect back to us who we are “in the moment” and ask only that we feel our feelings and be authentic when engaging with them. Horses are amazing teachers when we are open-minded enough to allow them into our hearts. … Thanks for stopping by … 🙂

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