Alphabet II

Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet


This image speaks to the writer in me.

Every letter of the alphabet is represented in this old word processor, which is only a few decades removed from the model I learned to type on way back when.

Carbon copies and triplicate, white out and erasers.

“Those were the days,” she sighed with a hint of sarcasm.

Image captured at Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta.

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©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2016

13 thoughts on “QWERTY

  1. I love this…I have an affinity with old typewriters. I learned to type on a machine not much newer than this one. Lovely photo!

    • Thanks. Very romantically nostalgic, aren’t they? But I do remember wrestling with ink ribbon. 😳 Not so romantic … Still, the memory of the clack clack clack of the keys and “ding” of the carriage return makes me smile. I think they need to invent a sound option like that on computer keyboards, just for fun. 😉

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