Flower Power


Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant


Every living thing carries a vibration.

The higher the vibration, the more power it has to lift our spirits and provide feelings of happiness.

Flowers have such a power. We give flowers to lift the spirits of another, or to convey our affection. Their vibrant colour and fragrance (for those that have one) evoke feelings of well being and memories past.

When I consider these dahlias I recall precious moments spent in my grandmother’s fragrant garden filled with such flowers. Happy memories. Good vibrations.

Flower power.

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 ©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2016

15 thoughts on “Flower Power

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    • It’s funny how flowers evoke memory. I can still see the dahlias and hollyhocks in my grandmother’s garden and recall the pleasure she took from growing them. Glad this has evoked a fond memory for you. 💐

      • Ironically, today I visited my Mum in the nursing home, and took some dahlias with me. We lived in the town of Toowoomba, which to Australians is known as the garden capital of the country. My Mum definitely had a green thumb, so when I visit, where possible, I will bring with me varieties of flowers she grew. Suffice to say her eyes lit up when she saw the dahlias. 🙂

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