Winter Elation

Cold One

Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

After this week’s snow and freezing rain we were left with an incredible winter wonderland in the valley, complete with a fine veneer of ice crystallized on everything. The twinkle and sparkle of the refracted light dazzled while the crackle and pop of the ice as it disintegrated in the sun tickled the air. It was magical; elating

I tried to capture the magic with my camera, but really you had to be there.

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©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2016

13 thoughts on “Winter Elation

    • Thanks, Tina. The ice sparkled on the trees like jewels and I tried so hard to capture it. I need to spend a little more time with some of my other images to see if they’ll translate. Take care … 💐

  1. We had similar weather here…I love how the world looks all sparkling. …even the tinkling sounds when the breezes blow, as the bits of ice begin to fall. It’s all so magical. It’s a great capture!

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