Harmony in Diversity


Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony


As a singer I am enthralled by harmony. It is the core of my musical experience. For 12 seasons I was a soprano member of the world-renown Toronto Mendelssohn Choir ~ one of the highlights of my life so far.

What always amazed me was how 180 people from diverse walks of life and experience could come together and perform the works of the great composers ~ Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Vaughan Williams, Handel, et al ~ in perfect harmony. Our love for music the common ground upon which we walked to create moving moments in the choral repertoire ~ for the audience and for ourselves.

The rich texture of our individual lives coloured our voices, which the conductor then sculpted into the beautiful, warm, clear sound for which the choir is famous.

Harmony III

Similarly, these images depict the organ pipes of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. They illustrate how diverse textures and materials, when crafted by expert hands, can work in harmony to produce unimaginable visual beauty.

Visiting this great church has been one of the highlights of my travels thus far.

Harmony II

For me where there is harmony, whether in nature or in those things crafted by the loving intention of the human heart, there is peace.

I love harmony.

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24 thoughts on “Harmony in Diversity

      • I ALWAYS loved the Christmas performances… I’m no longer in Toronto (moved to Prince Edward County, 2-1/2 hours east of the city).

        I hope to go an see their performance of Ravel’s Daphnis & Chloe in June.

        I listen to a wide variety of music. Classical, contemporary, country, jazz, rock.

      • Messiah is a wonder. I must have sung at least 60 performances and it moved me every time. And the a cappella works have always been a favourite. “Lo, How a Rose e’er Blooming'” etc. … Is this Ravel performance in the TSO programming?

      • Choral performances are so moving…I’m usually brought to tears with the emotions the music provokes.

        I can’t sing a note…I was never very good, but a couple of nasty throat infections left me coughing every time I try to sing now…even when I sing alone in the car 😞….so I take my enjoyment listening to others.

        I used to work for a member of the Roy Thompson & Massey Hall Board…as well as the Tafelmusik Board. I was in heaven!

      • My musical tastes are also quite eclectic … Much like yours with the occasional opera thrown in as a nod to the part they played in my formative years.

  1. These images express a real harmony that almost brings the classical masters’ music to my ears. Congratulations!

  2. I’ve always wished I had a good voice for singing, alas it is not. And I’m pretty sure I’m tone deaf, despite growing up with a musical father and playing piano and singing in the church choir. My talents are in other areas. It makes me happy to read that others have found their gifts. Lovely photos and interpretation of the theme.

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