On the Edge

View from the ropeway to see Mt. Fuji.

I feel like I’m living on the edge right now. So much change. So much uncertainty as my husband and I pursue the path of our dream.


For a girl who likes her feet firmly planted on the ground it feels pretty disorienting to live this close to the edge. It rather reminds me of our 2010 adventure on the Hakone Ropeway in Japan where in order to enjoy spectacular views of Mount Fuji I had to override my fear of heights and enclosed spaces. It didn’t help that at the time I was, unbeknownst to me, heading down the path of debilitating adrenal fatigue. It made my anxiety over the experience all the more acute.


Still, with the help of my supportive husband and our two dear travel companions, as well as  Rescue Remedy and the beautiful music of Jacob Moon, I made it work.


It was worth it to get to see Mount Fuji, however shrouded, above the clouds.

The path to our dreams takes us to the edge of our comfort zones constantly. It can be scary to dip our toe in the waters of the unknown, and this is why so few people ever achieve their heart’s desire.

Surrounding ourselves with supportive people and holding dear a few creature comforts can help us negotiate those tough moments experienced on the edge.

Our dreams need to know they’re worth the risk.

Be well and thanks for visiting …



©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge


11 thoughts on “On the Edge

  1. Absolutely stunning images and great take on this week’s theme…

    I could relate to your story as I am also living on the edge now 🙂

    It’s been almost three years since I left my well settled city life and corporate job and returned to my home place…

    I had many motives, including, living close to my family & friends, better quality of life, and above all to pursue my dreams.

    It was not easy at all, I was almost emotionally drained in this pursuit…

    Slowly but steadily I am getting settled here and enjoying my work with the local communities for a sustainable tourism development here.

    I won’t ask anyone to follow my path, but surely I will advice anyone to try at least once in life ‘pursue your dreams’…

    If you succeed, there is nothing like that…

    Even if you failed, you have at least tried it 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and thought provoking post, Dorothy 🙂

    Have a beautiful day ahead 🙂

    • Thank you … A year ago we bought a farm (see http://www.musingsofahorsemom.com) with the intention of creating a sanctuary of emotional healing for people and horses based on my desire to establish an equine experiential learning practice. We have been, and continue to have our commitment to this dream, tested in various and sundry unexpected ways. It’s a journey of baby steps with the odd (and I do mean odd) leap into the unknown. Requires faith in heaping amounts. Still, while we take steps now to set up home there it is the beauty of the farm and the amazing support we have around us that keeps us on our path. Pure intention demands change and its accompanying chaos in order for us to see the truth beyond the old reality. It can be a bumpy ride but it is this that shakes us into a new, more congruent understanding of our purpose. I can be philosophical about it now, but in the moment of it … Wow! 😳 … Thanks for stopping by.

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