Hello, again …



The fog is finally lifting.

Another section of the healing journey behind me.

It’s all good.

Thanks for stopping by …


©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

The big, old century cow barn (background), dating back to 1850 or so and the focal point of our 100-acre farm, was repurposed 20 years ago for equestrian use. The ceiling was raised and the barn widened to accommodate a horse breeding operation, and an addition was built, including 12 more stalls, common areas and an indoor arena.

We purchased the property 18 months ago for my emerging Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) practice, repurposing this beautiful farm as a place of sanctuary where people can escape their worldly cares and heal their broken hearts in the company of horses.

The journey continues …

6 thoughts on “Hello, again …

    • Thank you. The break from my blog was forced as we negotiated a series of arduous events that required our undivided attention. Frankly, I feel exhausted. Having said that, there has been plenty of growing, healing, changing and forward movement going on, so it’s all good. I’ve learned a lot, one thing being that when you are aligned with your dreams the Universe will test your commitment and reward you accordingly. … All the best on your journey. I pray it is kind to you, and look forward to your return. 💐

  1. Lovely shot…I enjoyed that peak into your “horse farm”–forgive my clumsiness, I know little of these things–and your new business of helping those in need. It sounds much needed as well as challenging; may it thrive along with you.

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