A throwback in time to a Tuscan sunset where earth, air, water, and fire conspired to take my breath away.

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©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

14 thoughts on “Toscana

  1. Hi Dorothy:

    Just a quick word of appreciation and thanks for continuing to bring beauty into my life with your lovely photographs. Hope you are well and thriving.


    Ross Mackay, DTM, AS President 2017 – 2018 Northern Lights Toastmasters Club 905-726-9587

    • Hi Ross … so lovely to hear from you, and so thrilled that you get enjoyment from my images. We are thriving out on the farm and loving this new expanded way of being. Feeling blessed, indeed. The journey has been so incredible I could do a speech on it … without notes … 😉 … Be well, Dorothy 😊

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