Shiny Barcelona

Sagrada pipes

Organ pipes, Sagrada Familia


Barcelona is one of my favourite cities. Culled from my archives are these images that remind me just how shiny and beautiful it is.

Palau de la Musica

Palau de la Musica


Port Olympic

Port Olimpic, with Frank Gehry Fish sculpture



Close up of Fish sculpture


Shiny wrappers

Candy under shiny wraps


I’m looking forward to returning one day.

Thanks for visiting …



©Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny

15 thoughts on “Shiny Barcelona

    • Lucky you!! Definitely the Sagrada Familia and anything else designed by Gaudi. The Port Olimpic has great eateries and is a lovely beach walk. Walk the Old Town and visit the cathedral. You’ll find all kinds of beauty there. For an out of town excursion I can recommend Montserrat. Beautiful old monastic site up in dramatic hills. Google or Trip Advisor can give you more info. Have a wonderful time! 😊

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