Cheeky Boy



This moment was captured about 10 years ago.

My horse Bear (left), recently and suddenly passed away due to severe colic. We journeyed almost 12 years together. Photo memories, like this, help me to remember what a cheeky, happy boy he was.

I miss him terribly.

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Image: Dorothy Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

21 thoughts on “Cheeky Boy

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts. It has been a most difficult time. I will expand upon the experience in my blog Musings of a Horse Mom when I can do so without rambling. He was my heart horse. For me there will never be another like him. 😊💖🐴

      • I understand, I haven’t had a horse, but I’ve had dogs all my life, and Sunny was my heart dog. Bear will always be with you. Thank you for sharing him with us.

    • Mission accomplished! Bear was a complete comic. He brought smiles to many with his humorous ways. It’s one of the things I miss most about him. That and he was just plain stunning. … Thank you 😊 🐴

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  2. Oh no! no no no no no no. 😥 My heart breaks for you, Dorothy. I am so very sorry. Sending you thoughts of comfort and strength. Thank you for sharing the magnificent Bear with us. Hugs.

      • 🙂 Time does heal. I do appreciate your sharing over the years, various things you’ve gone thru. Likely was very difficult and to share about that too. I’ve read along with you, haven’t gotten the nerve to say anything til now. Just wanted to say it means a lot to me, cuz it somehow helps me step out in my own healing. I had a jumping accident, my horse broke a leg and was put down. His death always felt like my fault. Took me awhile to realize I had gained a lot of weight both as a shield not to ride and from men in general. O.o Til I saw Bear and the joy he brought you and those of us you shared with. He’s been a delight, stirred that love for horses long buried inside me. So anyway, sorry for a long story, just wanted you to know how much it means to me that you shared. Am still on my journey, baby steps. Thank you Dorothy, and to Bear. {{hugs}}

      • I’m so glad you have finally put voice to your feeling. Thank you, and for following Bear’s and my journey. I have not written for some time on Musings of A Horse Mom but plan to again soon.

        I feel for you with respect to your jumping accident as I experienced something similar with a horse I rode for some time a couple of years before Bear. The horse broke her elbow in the accident and had to be euthanized. Almost destroyed me. I had to get back on a horse to start my healing again, but I realize that isn’t for everyone. It lead me to Bear eventually and he changed my life.

        Take those baby steps and find healing again with the horses, if you can. They obviously speak to your heart. ❤️️

        Be well … 🐴

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