EQUUS Film Festival here we come!

Mane Tamer

“The Mane Tamer” … one of the images featured in Unsung Heroines of the Horse Industry



I am excited to announce that Unsung Heroines of the Horse Industry, a video collection of equestrian images celebrating women who work quietly in the background of the horse world, has been officially selected for EQUUS Film Festival 2018 under the category “Equestrian Photo Journal ~ English.”

Lunch time

“Supper Time”

This work was adapted from a photography exhibit created earlier in the year for the Urban Gallery’s “Women at Work” show during the ScotiaBank CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto this past May.

The EQUUS Film Festival takes place in New York City and I’m thrilled to be able to attend.

Links to both the trailer and full video on YouTube are available in the menu of this blog.

I am grateful to all who have made this possible, and to you, my small legion of followers on this blog, for helping me to find my courage as a photographer.

As always, thank you for visiting …



©Dorothy E. Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2018 … Aimwell CreativeWorks





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