This morning in Dufferin …

halo lr


I’ve seldom witnessed such a sunrise. I was sitting in my studio, which faces east, writing a blurb when I looked out the window and saw the first shades of dawn. Beautiful, but ignored it. Too cold.

glow lr
However, moments later the magic started to happen and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I threw on my coat and boots, grabbed my mittens and spent about a half hour wandering along my regular south east viewpoint in the bitter cold capturing 271 sunrise moments. My fingers nearly froze off.
half a sun dog
The silence was winter crisp. Not a sound except for the occasional chirping of a frigid bird.
Purely magical.
glorious lr
It was a stunning experience to watch this sun dog manifest.
I’ve only chosen to post four images here, but you can be assured there are more to follow.
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