Throwback Thursday: Glendalough


When I’m feeling distraught or unsettled about life beyond my control I turn my heart to that which brings me joy. We used to travel a lot and one of my fondest memories belongs to a couple of hours spent wandering through the ruins of an ancient monastary at beautiful Glendalough in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Recently, and to my great delight, I’ve learned it’s possible some of my Irish ancestors who emigrated to North America in the 1800s originated in this area.

Beyond my appreciation for its obvious beauty perhaps this explains my feelings of connection.

During these intense and challenging times I return to this memory to bring peace to my heart and to help me be a source of peace for others.

It’s what the world needs now … that and love, sweet love.

Be well and thanks for visiting …



©Dorothy E. Chiotti … All Rights Reserved 2022

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