If not this moment …

Medicine 1200 WM

Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta


This morning I am reminded that life is fragile. That every moment is a moment into which we must pour our entire heart and believe we are more than we know.

If not this moment … when?

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Canada 150


O Canada II


Canada is a delta of change, transition and growth. Over 150 years it has evolved as a confederation of provinces and territories welcoming people from all over the world to create the rich mixture of cultures, ideas, (mostly) tolerance and liberty it is today.

As always, I’m counting my blessings as a citizen of this beautiful land.

This image taken at Saskatchewan Crossing, Alberta.

Happy Canada Day!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta


Alphabet II

Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet


This image speaks to the writer in me.

Every letter of the alphabet is represented in this old word processor, which is only a few decades removed from the model I learned to type on way back when.

Carbon copies and triplicate, white out and erasers.

“Those were the days,” she sighed with a hint of sarcasm.

Image captured at Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta.

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