Ancient Structure

Structure II

The big, old churches of Europe fascinate me. Salisbury Cathedral in southern England is one of the most beautiful I’ve experienced on my travels, and when I was last there in 2013, I’d just finished reading Edward Rutherfurd’s epic tale of the building of this cathedral and settling of the area around it in his novel, Sarum. Rutherfurd’s story provided me with a greater appreciation for the years, heartache, politics, conflict, et al, poured into the mould of this incredible ancient structure.


Of course, when visiting these old churches it is important to look up and take in all the astonishing detail that might otherwise be missed. For instance, the stonework in the vaulted rafters, the patterns and subtle shifts in colour depending on the angle of the light. As always when I am drawn into the dramatic curves and arches of such an edifice, I am in awe of how the masons and engineers of centuries ago could construct something so beautiful and so enduring with the primitive tools at their disposal.

Structure III

An incredible structure, indeed.

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A New Horizon

Look Up

York Minster


I am always inspired by the joy to be experienced when looking to a Higher source and rising above the travails of life.

When we look up we welcome a new horizon.

When we rise above we make room for the heart to heal.

Note the heart shape in this glorious stained glass window.

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