Capturing Deer … Nara, Japan

My photography doesn’t generally feature people. I don’t feel I have, particularly, the knack of capturing the human spirit. At least not yet.

Animals, however, fascinate me no end and so I often find myself lured into capturing them in digital. Horses, dogs, cats, birds, specifically, speak to me on a daily basis.

However, on a hot afternoon in October 2010, I had the good fortune to digitally capture some of the deer of Nara … and some of the images included their interactions with people. I was doubly blessed.

Centrally located Nara Park features many of Nara’s main attractions, including temples and museums. It ‘s also home to more than 1,000 deer who freely roam the park and the streets around it.

In Shinto deer are considered messengers of the gods. As a result they are treated as a national treasure.

For a small amount of money you can purchase deer crackers from street vendors in the park and feed the deer by hand. They are remarkably tame and will chase you down if they catch even whiff of food on you.

These images highlight moments that especially moved me and are special memories of our visit to beautiful Nara.


Even I had a chance to get in front of the camera for a special moment with a baby …

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