Century Barn

Old Barn

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Since taking on the stewardship of a horse farm two months ago, it’s been fun to explore it’s many beautiful spaces, both man-made and natural.

One of my favourite spots is the century bank barn. It’s a cathedral built to farm life. A shelter for the animals (in our case, horses). A storage for feed and machinery. A place to step into another time as its century beams and boards and vaulted roof draw us in to musing and meditation.

All my life I have dreamt of having a century barn.

I’m still pinching myself.

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Window Treatment … Rowley, Alberta

I’m feeling wistful for Alberta, having spent nearly an hour going through my image archives looking for something to post in today’s blog.

My search has brought me back to Rowley, the ghost town I mentioned in an earlier post, and this window treatment.

I do love old barns — maybe because I love horses and horses live in barns — but mostly, I imagine, because I am a hopeless romantic and my imagination is fed by old, surviving structures.

I’m also fond of lilacs and their sweet fragrance which will soon grace the spring air.

So, to me this image is a double winner.

I suspect my fondness for old spaces comes from my own experience as a survivor. And while I remain fond of antiquity and the way it plays with my imagination I am intent upon moving forward with my life, and thriving.

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