Have Horse, Will Travel … Vienna, Austria

More horses. What can I say? I am besotted.

As mentioned in a recent post, when traveling I keep an eye open for sightings of the local equine population.

In Vienna I was not to be disappointed.

Between the powerful Lippizaners of the Spanish Riding School and the elegant carriage trade, there were plenty of horses to keep me happy until I returned home to my own trusty steed.

I’m partial to this image, taken outside the Hofsberg Palace in Vienna’s city centre, because its feeling of movement triggers in my memory the ringing clip-clop of shod hooves on asphalt — one of my favourite sounds since childhood.

The legions of horse carriages ferrying tourists around are a nod to a bygone era reflected in Vienna’s numerous Baroque palaces. A guided carriage ride was a special way to get an overview of what I consider to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

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