International Juxtaposition

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

My second submission to this challenge, these images were captured on my travels.

Click here to see “The Boys” featured in my first submission.


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Searching for Music

Daily Prompt: Searching


I’ve been searching for the music in answer to this week’s writing challenge: Moved by Music.

Stay tuned to my blog In So Many Words to see how music has moved me. Likely to be posted later today.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

I don’t understand the science behind it. All I know is that the music (as well as books, movies, etc.) we absorb lives in us forever. It’s a powerful emotive force that can build up or, tear down. Like all living things it has its good, bad and ugly. This is why I am so careful about what I tune into. These vibrations colour my life forever.


colour and sound

Image: the pipe organ of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Okay, I just googled that link … 😉 …


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A Gargoyle’s Hallowe’en


Tis spirits dark

For whom I scream

From abbey walls

On Hallowe’en.

Not welcome here

To fear and fright,

Be gone, thou ghouls,

Farewell, goodnight.


Happy Hallowe’en …..

Broo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….. 😉




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Perfect Symmetry … Yorkminster, York, England

York Minster Chapter House


When I visit England one of my favourite activities is to visit the great churches.

Where permitted I like to photograph inside.

I never use flash. First, I wish to demonstrate my respect for the sanctity of the building.

Second, there is already such beautiful light available that using flash would only disturb it.

In this image I’ve captured the beautifully ornate ceiling of the Chapter House at Yorkminster.

I marvel at the beauty; the artistry; the workmanship; the efforts it would have taken to create a ceiling on such a grand scale several hundred years ago.

Perfect symmetry.

Just how did they do it?

What’s even more incredible is that it’s still here for all of us to enjoy.

And I share my vision of it with you …

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Dorothy 🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You … Blue


Cool Blue


This was the first image that came to mind when I reflected on this challenge.

These organ pipes in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona reflect a full spectrum of colours from the church’s gorgeous stained glass windows.

Here the major hues are a delicious lapis and turquoise blue.


With my birthday in December, the month of turquoise, it seems fitting that the colours that most resonate with me are those depicted here.

And there’s just enough of the warmer shades to provide a sense of balance.

Blue is a spiritual colour. The colour of communication. The colour of the Throat Chakra.

As a writer and communicator this seems entirely appropriate.

For a complete interpretation of the colour “blue” in colour psychology, click here.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up … Enjoy the View!

Thanks to this week’s photo challenge we get to look up.

What a great theme!

I love to look up and have made a habit of doing so whenever and wherever we travel.

There’s so much to see, don’t you agree?

Remember to look up … 😉

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Mapping Chattanooga

Cheryl Andrews

A New Day


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Basilica di San Pietro … Vatican City


With all the activity surrounding the selection of the Catholic world’s new Pope, I thought it appropriate to post this image looking toward Piazza San Pietro and the Basilica in Vatican City. The approach is the Via della Conciliazione.

I can only imagine the hubbub of activity this area will experience during the next little while.

Catholicism was the religion of my Hungarian ancestors but seems to have been abandoned by recent generations. I certainly don’t practice and, frankly, was never exposed to it. So, while I don’t have an understanding of its tenets and teachings I can certainly appreciate the beauty of its cathedrals and other magnificent structures built to the glory of God.

And, I can certainly wish well all who practice with pure intent as they embark on a new course under the leadership of whomever is appointed head of the Holy See.

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For an interesting and inspiring look at the old churches of France and Spain, check out the amazing images of religious architecture at Via Lucis Photography.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise … Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Green Light

I knew, as I crossed the threshold of the magnificent Roman Catholic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona one cold day in February, that I was going to witness something marvellous. I did not, however, expect the experience to
take my breath away.

Talk about a delightful surprise!

... A portion of the ceiling ...

… A portion of the ceiling …

You don’t have to be of the Catholic faith to appreciate the glory of God depicted in this sacred space.

... Window detail ...

… Window detail …

I have a fondness for the grand cathedrals of Europe. I’m in awe of their structure, workmanship, and artistry. Their sheer scale somehow embodies the essence of peace, leaving me feeling wonder-filled and worshipful. Even as tides of tourists flow up the aisles and around me my place in the great church is not lost. In that I find comfort.

Where permitted (not all churches allow photography) I take out my camera and capture moments that capture my imagination.

... Light painted floor ...

… Light painted floor …

Like a child wide-eyed in front of a shop window dressed for Christmas I’m fascinated by the magical light-play of stained glass reflected on stone and marble. The colours mesmerize as they slowly advance and
recede following the path of the sun.

... Ceiling detail in amber light ...

… Ceiling detail in amber light …

... Central Nave ...

… Central Nave …

The scale of the large churches and cathedrals of the Old World always amaze. They are ancient and have stood
the test of time. That, too, is part of their wonder.

This incredible structure, designed by acclaimed Catalan Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), is still under construction. Work began in 1883 and is scheduled for completion in 2026 (the construction of this edifice is funded almost entirely through donations so when the money dries up the work stops, which has happened before).

It is a rather different experience to wander the nave of a mammoth sacred space that has yet to be completed. I feel like a witness to something significant.

The Sagrada Familia is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

... St. George in silhouette overlooking the central nave ...

… St. George in silhouette overlooking the central nave …

Perhaps if you have not yet visited this modern architectural wonder its astounding beauty is a delightful surprise for you too.

... Organ pipes ...

… Organ pipes …

... Organ pipes reflecting blue light  ...

… Organ pipes reflecting blue light …

Whatever your life journey, whatever your faith, with all my heart I wish for you the peace, joy and magic the Christmas season brings.

May all your surprises be delightful. 😉

... Detail from the Nativity Facade ...

… Detail from the Nativity Facade …

Thanks for visiting …

Merry Christmas!

Dorothy 🙂


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A Mini Trip … Florence, Italy

Yesterday I couldn’t help myself. Moxie’s Excellent Swimming Adventures just had to be written. The images had been sitting in my computer longing for an outlet, so I gave it to them, and Moxie told her story.

I hope you enjoyed it.

And now … from the ridiculous to the sublime …

In late summer 2005 we enjoyed a 14-day Mediterranean cruise to 11 ports-of-call. One of our stops was Livorno and an excursion to the beautiful city of Firenze (Florence).

As you can see from the image above it was an impeccable day — blue sky and sunshine with late summer heat — perfect for capturing a moment such as this. Not a ripple in the water. Not a boat to be seen. Just the River Arno coursing lazily through the centre of Firenze and in the process acting as a perfect mirror for the antiquity that lined its storied banks and the ancient bridges that crossed it.

Because we were in Florence for barely 10 hours it was impossible, of course, to see all the amazing sites. But we made the most of our time the best we could.

We ambled along the Arno to the Ponte Vecchio from which this image was taken, and wandered into the Signoria District to stop at the Mercato Nuovo, also known as The Straw Market, to rub the brass nose of Il Porcellino (right) and toss a coin into its fountain.

Here we also purchased a fetching tapestry now displayed in our living room, as well as pashminas and a black leather handbag (which I still use – I love it!).

We wondered further up the Via Por Santa Maria and discovered a glove shop offering its wares in almost every colour imaginable. The display case was mesmerizing. Lloyd, ever the sensible one, selected a fine black leather pair of driving gloves and was later sorry he hadn’t bought more.

Then, down a side street, we stopped for a salad and pasta lunch before heading over to the Duomo (Santa Maria Del Fiori) for a look-see. Of course it was magnificent. I wish we’d had more time to absorb its wonderful Gothic architecture and frescoes.

After stopping for a late-afternoon gelato to get off our feet and out of the heat we had only enough time to find the coach that would return us to our ship.

The Uffizi Gallery, Statue of David, et al, would just have to wait until our return visit, guaranteed by a coin dropped and a nose rubbed at Il Porcellino.

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The Aura … Barcelona, Spain

As anyone who’s been following my blog will know I’m partial to the effects of stain glass.

This image was taken in one of the side chapels of Barcelona Cathedral last February. I love how the light through the window creates the impression of an aura around it.

Best wishes to you on this Good Friday.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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