A Walk on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day morning I was up early to take my beautiful dog, Abbey, for a walk.

The weather was perfect for a gentle amble around the neighbourhood and through the park. We stopped by the stream and sat on a rock as the water babbled and burbled by our feet, birds of variety singing their May song and the sun’s rays warming our backs.

When it was time to go home we walked back through the park. Two small dogs, both off leash, ran over to us and attacked my beautiful girl (who was leashed). Their delinquent owners couldn’t call them off and so came bounding over to retrieve them, which they did with some difficulty.

Bless her, Abbey did not react to these two canine hooligans, but simply stuck close while I did my best to fend them off.

When we were finally able to remove ourselves from the situation, I sat Abbey down and gave her a big hug.

Such a good girl.

At home she looked so beautiful lying by the front door I simply had to capture the moment.


 If she could wish me a Happy Mother’s Day I know she would, as I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to women everywhere who find joy in their children.

Love my girlie.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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My Four-Legged, Furry Family

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

There are many kinds of family.

For this challenge I’m focusing on my furry, four-legged family.

I do not believe we can “own” animals. I believe that when an animal graces our lives with its presence it is a great blessing and we will be held accountable, at some point, for our stewardship over it.

My little furry family blesses my life in so many ways they cannot be numbered, and I care for them the very best I can in return.

Thank you for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


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Confusion Reigns. Well, not completely …

Daily Prompt: Confusion

As I write this my eyes drift to the right of the computer screen occasionally. I’m wondering when the heck the last 20 per cent or so of my wedding photo book, which I’m uploading (downloading?) to Apple, is finally going to transfer its cyber-butt into the ether.

I’ve been sitting here for more than 90 minutes already, waiting for the royal blue measuring stick to reach the end. Chained to my computer, am I, because to leave would render it to “sleep.” The upload would cancel and I’d have to start the process all … over … again.

I’d prefer not to do that.

It’s not that my computer is old, or slow. We purchased this lovely spanking new Apple desktop with all its bells and whistles this past the summer. It’s in perfectly good order.

No, it’s not the computer. It can’t be. Surely. It’s probably … Oh, I don’t know …

I’m a writer. I spend a lot of time in front the computer flexing my creative muscle. I’m no techno-genius. I just want my techno-partner to do what it’s designed to do while I do what I’m designed to do. Write. And edit my photographs. And create pretty photo books.

But right now, I am confused. Confused as to why  a simple upload is taking so (insert expletive here) long to complete.

Should I abandon it and start again? Or give up entirely and gaze wistfully at wedding memories stored online and wonder “what if that silly book had uploaded?”

Perhaps I ought to disable the “sleep” timer on the computer for now. Will that help?

My eyes drift to the right of the screen and … [sigh] … the blue measuring stick has not moved even a tiny bit. It must be hung up.

I’m confused.



I’ll try again tomorrow morning. Any suggestions?


I may be confused about technology, but there’s no confusion when it comes to how I feel about my darling Abbey …

Portrait of Abbey


Thanks for visiting  …

Dorothy 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity … The Infinite Beauty of Autumn

Infinity … Endless. Enduring.

I’ve opted to highlight the infinite beauty of autumn for this week’s photo challenge.

A last burst of vibrant warmth and colour before the cool hues of winter lay tracks for another season of hibernation.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable … You’ve Got a Friend

Oskar and Abbey

This image came immediately to mind for this week’s photo challenge.

It was taken a couple of years ago when the health of my 17-year-old cat, Oskar, was failing due to kidney disease.

He and Abbey, our young rough collie, were fast friends. On this particular day Oskar was going through a bad spot. He’d been losing weight and was feeling rather under the weather.

Abbey took it upon herself to be companionable.

Sadly we lost Oskar not long after this image was taken. Still, I have the memory of this beautiful moment and their amazing friendship.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change … A Puppy Grows Up

My second contribution to this week’s photo challenge.

It’s a little lighter in nature and more colourful than yesterday’s submission, and features my beautiful pure bred Rough Collie, Ennismoor Timeless Classic or “Abbey.”

Abbey Puppy

When Abbey first came home, at age seven weeks, she was such a cutie.

Over the years she has evolved into a beautiful adult, been mother to 17 puppies (in two separate litters), including several champions, and become a lovely, albeit somewhat possessive, companion. I love her to pieces.

Abbey older

We grow; we change; we blossom.


Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


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… Love walked in …

Rusty Two

Life has its ups and downs. We all experience them. Lord knows as we approach the end of 2012 and I review my own challenges of the past 12 months I am moved to be grateful for the strength, patience and support I’ve experienced to meet them head on.

I’m also moved to consider the blessings that have arisen from the tough moments I’ve faced. I’m a firm believer in silver linings — the alternative is too depressing — so even as I felt, at times, like the world was collapsing around me I’ve done my best to hold my head up and look for the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

One such moment came earlier in the year when someone near and dear to me attempted to take his own life. By some force of miracle he survived, sound of body and taking the measures necessary to re-affirm soundness of mind.

To his credit he looks on his drastic measure and the fact that he survived it as a wake-up call — an opportunity to reassess his life, make some changes and embrace what is.

Shortly after his desperate act love walked in in the form of a Sh’borkie (Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Yorkie) puppy whom he would name Rusty, perhaps for obvious reasons.

Image: Dorothy McDonall ... All Rights Reserved 2012

This little dog, who weighs no more than 15 lbs, has been a godsend. A little bundle of joy helping to put his master’s troubles into healthy perspective by giving him someone to love. And of course, as we all know, what we give comes back to us in spades. This little dog has lit up my loved one’s life as only a pup can.

I visited shortly after Rusty joined the family. Cute doesn’t begin to describe this cheeky little boy. He is everything in a little furry bundle one might expect — affectionate, playful, fun, crazy-making, attention-seeking, cuddly and yes, cute, cute, cute!!! Everywhere we went with Rusty he was the focus of attention, with people stopping to marvel at his cuteness and chat with his master.

At the time the Calgary Stampede was in full swing, so we bought the little guy a cowboy hat which, as you can see, fit him perfectly. It was a moment of silliness during a silly week — just what the doctor ordered for taking minds off troubles and healing broken hearts.

Rusty Four

Love is what gets us through the rough spots of life. When it arrives in the shape of an animal companion it is unconditional and healing when combined with trust, respect and patience.

Rusty is the consummate snuggle bunny and provides a suitable distraction from worldly cares as my loved one sorts through those aspects of his life that drove him to his desperate act.

It’s my sincere hope that each of us will invite love, in its purest form and whatever that means to us individually, to walk in and bring us the comfort and healing we need.

Rusty Five

Thanks for visiting,

Dorothy 🙂


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