Century Barn

Old Barn

Monochrome Madness 2-29


Since taking on the stewardship of a horse farm two months ago, it’s been fun to explore it’s many beautiful spaces, both man-made and natural.

One of my favourite spots is the century bank barn. It’s a cathedral built to farm life. A shelter for the animals (in our case, horses). A storage for feed and machinery. A place to step into another time as its century beams and boards and vaulted roof draw us in to musing and meditation.

All my life I have dreamt of having a century barn.

I’m still pinching myself.

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The Farm Dog

LookoutMonochrome Madness 2-28


This past summer was filled with both tension and excitement as we took an extreme leap of faith and acquired a 100-acre horse property in south central Ontario.

Naturally this has meant a huge adjustment on many levels. Change is never easy but if we don’t take a chance on change how can we ever expect to achieve our dreams and grow?

A property such as this has been a long-held dream for both my husband and I. For him a chance to build his dream home and live in the country. For me this fulfills my deepest wish to live surrounded by nature and horses, to be a part of the country culture and to have a place to build my FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) practice.

Still, everything takes time. We’ve been on the farm just over a month ~ a time of exploration and settling in which will continue for a little while yet as we get acquainted with its nuances and understand its needs. I find this both exciting and a tad intimidating, but am confident we can manage the challenges that lay ahead with all the good people around us who are sharing in this adventure.

A more complete telling of how this dream manifested will appear soon in my blog Musings of a Horse Mom.

One of many happy outcomes so far is that Abbey, our rough collie, who lost her mom two months ago, has come into her own as a farm dog. She lives in such anticipation of a day at the farm (we don’t live on it yet as we still need to build a house) that she won’t eat her breakfast and she starts getting after me if I delay our departure. She’s been quick to find her legs there and is gradually learning that to herd the horses is not advisable. Fortunately, all of the horses have demonstrated great patience with her as she rounds this learning curve.

I am so happy for Abbey to have this distraction and new way of being while she moves on from having her mother constantly by her side. Abbey has come into her own; become more confident. It has been an amazing transition to witness. Change has been good for her. Change is good for all of us if we just allow ourselves a chance to grow.

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Country Archi-Texture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture


As someone who spends a lot of time on the farm with my horse my eye is often caught by the textures of the country.

(My title’s a bit off-the-wall but playing with words is my thing.)

Herewith a few interpretations for your viewing pleasure …

Textured Sky

Wave-Form Sky


Barn Board

Ancient Barn Board


Hay there

Hay There


Wet Coat

The Equine Wet-Look






Duality of the Grasses


Mane Event




Muzzle Soft


I love the many textures of the countryside. I expect that’s why I spend so much time there.

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Naughty Jerome and the Bank Barn

Winter Scene


I love old bank barns.

There’s nothing that evokes the feeling of country to me more than a big, old barn.

Creeping development in the rural areas around here means most of these lovely buildings are being demolished. Beautiful, rolling farmland is being homogenized into ugly subdivisions.

Sad …

Still, as it happens, the farm where I moved my horse last week has just such a century bank barn. Since there is a moratorium on development in that area for the next 25 years, this barn is safe for a while.


I’m almost giddy with excitement at the photographic opportunities to be had here as the seasons unfold.

This week before the bitter cold blew through I captured this moment.

Naughty Jerome just happened to be standing about and curious about my activity. His blue blanket offers a hint of colour to an otherwise stark winter scene.

Needless to say there will be more images of this lovely old farm building in future posts.

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