Siena Calling


Day three at the villa ~ off to Siena, where we haunted the leather goods shops, stopped for gelato (twice! ~ it was a brutally hot day … just saying 😉 …) and soaked in the ambiance of the Piazza del Campo where they hold the bareback horse race ~ the Palio ~ twice each summer.

Today’s image is of an old image of race day on display in one of the streets of the town. Superimposed are some friends trying to decide how to get to the restaurant we’d decided on for lunch. We ended up taking a rather convoluted route up and down some steep hills almost coming full circle from where we started to reach Enotica I Terzi ~ an off-the-beaten-track gem … with air conditioning!!!

The food was so delicious no one spoke for as long as it took us to eat. That is except for the frequent “mmmmms” and “ahhhhhhs” and “wows!” that reverberated around the private room we’d been allotted. Somehow the food in Italy is that much more delectable than anywhere else. Perhaps its due to the fact they don’t use GMO produce.

After a further wander around the town, including three intrepid members of our party climbing the 500+ steps of the Torre del Mangia, (and another stop for gelato) we high-tailed it back to the villa for a refreshing swim.

(Sigh …)

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Get Thee Behind Me …

Daily Prompt: Temptation




Oh, my …

Is there anything more tempting than a shop window filled to capacity with a variety of delectable sweets?

In my European travels especially I have been mesmerized by many a display.

In this instance, Vienna was parading her high-caloric delicacies.

I find I’m always safe as long as I stay this side of the window and walk away really, really fast. 😉

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Dorothy 🙂


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