Irish Impressions for St. Patrick’s Day …

This time last year we were getting ready for our three-week trip to the Emerald Isle. I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated a journey more. I was so excited to visit the land of my forefathers. It had been great fun planning it.

As it’s St. Patrick’s Day I’m posting a few of memories of that trip. Others can be found in past and future posts. Check out yesterday’s … a nod to the Irish National Stud.

Have I mentioned I love Ireland!

Inch was one of the biggest surprises. I never imagined such a beach in Ireland.

A wall of collectible Guinness bottles was a feast for the eyes at the Guinness brewery in Dublin. Here are just a few …

These naughty lambs in Kildare had escaped from their field and were playing on the road side … baaaad …

Johnny Foxes in Glencullen in the Dublin Mountains … the “highest” pub in the country … famous for its traditional music and and for being one of Ireland’s oldest pubs … and for numerous chamber pots suspended from its timbered ceiling … 😉 …

Exercising horses on a busy, narrow main road outside Dublin … my horse would have an opinion about that …

And finally, for this post anyway, here is mystical Glendalough, one of my favourite sacred spaces in Ireland.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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A Thing for Guinness

This was one of those blink-and-you-miss-it moments in Dublin, Ireland, last spring.

At the time I was sitting at the back of the upper deck of a double decker bus during a guided tour of the old city. We’d just gone around the Guinness brewery at St. James Gate and were heading back to James Street when I happened, just happened, to look to my right where a number of decrepit buildings sat.

Imagine my surprise when this little masterpiece came into view.

With no time to think about it I just started clicking away hoping that I would capture something of reasonable quality.

As far as I can remember no one else on the bus noticed it, because there were no other expressions of surprise. By the time I was able to tell my friend about it, it was gone.

So, if you’re ever taking a guided tour of Dublin in a double decker bus, be sure to keep your eyes peeled around the Guinness brewery (I think you’ll find this on Crane Street) for the red head with a thing for Guiness.

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