Winter Elation

Cold One

Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

After this week’s snow and freezing rain we were left with an incredible winter wonderland in the valley, complete with a fine veneer of ice crystallized on everything. The twinkle and sparkle of the refracted light dazzled while the crackle and pop of the ice as it disintegrated in the sun tickled the air. It was magical; elating

I tried to capture the magic with my camera, but really you had to be there.

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Fire In Ice



It’s a balmy -20C with -30C wind chill in Southern Ontario.

This image of a fiery Japanese Maple leaf caught in a shiver of ice in early December pretty much illustrates what we’re in for today.

Ah, the joys of a Canadian winter …

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A Slice of Winter and A Wish For Spring

The Green Barn

I have tried to avoid the subject of winter because we’ve had so much of it this year. Still, here it is. Let’s look it in the eye.

Mountains of snow. Treacherous ice in amounts not seen in decades. Temps below zero for such an extended period of time my beautiful rhododendron, sadly, has finally given up the ghost.

(I hope the greenhouses are well stocked for a spring rush.)


Normal temperatures for this time of year range in the 1C area. Today we’re deep in another polar vortex that’s going to take us through until Saturday. We’re talking -15C with a wind chill of -25C. Triple-blanketing weather for my horse who’s already shedding his winter coat.

Which way?

A dear friend in England sent me a note yesterday in which she included the cheerful news that the first snowdrops had begun to show. I can only dream of a blanket of snowdrops when I’m staring at a bank of snow.

It’s going to take a long time for this mess to disappear.

Still, the days are getting longer. My horse continues to shed his winter coat. And little by little the snow, and the three inches of ice underneath, is melting. (But not today, of course.)

Let’s end on a happy note.

Longed For Tulips

I’m looking forward to seeing these purple darlings in my garden again.

Stay warm. Stay dry. Be happy.

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