In Memorium

Monochrome Madness: 2-24



(Ch. Ennismoor Element of Time)
April 17, 2002 – August 14, 2015


Sass, our four-legged shadow for 13 years, will be remembered as a loyal companion, cookie hound, guard dog and fine mother to 26 puppies (three litters), including several champions and at least one therapy dog.

Sass was frequently, and lovingly, underfoot in the kitchen, loved to give dirty towels a pre-wash and was fond of peanut butter on toast.

She relished long walks in the forest or through the fields; herding back to the fold (whether we were in the forest, in the house, or in the back garden) all who unwittingly strayed, and roughhousing with her beautiful daughter, Abbey.

What a joy it was to watch the fur fly!!!

Autumn's Girl

Sass’ legacy is love …


Rest peacefully, sweet girlie.

We miss you …


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