Arrival of the Riding Master

For Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week a venture into my equestrian life.

The Master Arrives

It is a real privilege to work regularly with and benefit from the knowledge and years of experience the Master equestrian brings to our training sessions. He is so invested in the welfare and development of horse and rider that I can truly say it is the first time in my life I have glimpsed my potential as a rider, and we’re still only seeing the tip of the ice berg. And not just my potential … a good trainer knows how to bring out the best in both rider and horse and I will say that in the eight years I’ve had my horse Shakespeare (aka Bear) I’ve never seen him go so well. He is really beginning to shine.

Of course, the development is gradual and the Master takes into consideration all the “i”s to be dotted and the “t”s to be crossed. He is in no rush. One of the things I respect about him is how he respects the process. This allows me to take everything in stride without feeling the pressure of lost years and past regrets.

I believe a true Master helps his/her students see their potential and gently guides them, through example and technical instruction, in the direction of their dreams. One of the things I appreciate about this coach is his desire and ability to share what he has learned in an open and honest way. No guessing games. No mind reading. His explanations and expectations are clear (tinged with a German accent … ) ~ he wants only what’s best for horse and rider and, through his teaching, does his best to ensure this is so.

I feel so fortunate ~ at this stage of my life and with almost 40 years with horses under my belt ~ to finally have the opportunity to work with a Master equestrian.

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