If not this moment …

Medicine 1200 WM

Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta


This morning I am reminded that life is fragile. That every moment is a moment into which we must pour our entire heart and believe we are more than we know.

If not this moment … when?

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The Heron … Jasper National Park, Alberta

One of my favourite vacation spots is the Alberta Rockies. Whether Banff, Jasper or beyond I’m filled with the joy basking in the magnificence of nature’s skyscrapers can bestow.

A couple of years ago in late summer Lloyd and I visited Jasper National Park and stayed over night at the beautiful Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

During our stay we took the hour-long walk around Lake Mildred upon whose shore sits the Lodge and its scenic golf course. Around every bend of the lake lay a new wonder and in one marshy area we happened upon this heron lost in his own meditation. Rising dramatically in the background is majestic Pyramid Mountain.

The heron was difficult to see at first so well blended was he with his habitat, but once we had our sights on him we stopped and observed for a while as he calmly interacted with his environs.

Looking at this image reminds me of the serenity of that moment and the singular peace to be found among nature’s mountainous beauty. I’m not sure when I’m going back, but I do hope it’s soon.

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