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A reprise of a tribute to my Uncle Archie Gordon killed in WWII. Sadly, one of many ~ lest we forget …

Eyes to Heart

Archie Gordon


On April 6, 1943, a Halifax bomber with 405 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force, in which my great uncle, Sergeant Archibald Don Gordon, was flight engineer, was shot down over the Bay of Biscay off the coast of France.



The second youngest of a large farm family living in northern Alberta, he was a bright and cheerful chap adored by everyone. He was closest in age to my grandmother and they were fast friends.

He volunteered.

On the back of his photo (above) my grandmother wrote:

“He said, ‘Someone has to do it.'”

He was in his early 20s when he left for war. He did his duty for his country and paid the ultimate price.

Sergeant Gordon’s body was recovered and is buried in the war cemetery in Pornic, France.

My grandmother had custody of his service medals until the day she died, and they remain in the…

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Monochrome Madness: Week 36


Portrait of Abbey

The dog can only become what’s in your bubble. The dog is imitating the energy that is in your bubble. You are the source, the feast of energy. If you feel anxious, the dog becomes anxious with you. If you become nervous, the dog wakes up nervous with you.
Cesar Millan

… and I would add that if you are calm your dog is calm with you.

This is my darling Abbey. In this particular moment my mirror of serenity in the back garden.

So beautiful.

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Bear’s Healing Journey



Monochrome Madness Week 32

This image of my equine companion, Bear, was captured about three weeks ago when he was feeling rather under the weather with a lameness issue.

Like me he’s been experiencing a transitional year.

New barn; new coach; new training regimen and work ethic; new friends have been positive stressors requiring adjustment and alignment on both our parts.

Releasing old behaviour patterns that no longer suit and embracing a new, more authentic way of being in the world requires big change at all levels and can be an exhausting process. If we aren’t paying attention and listening to our bodies, serious damage can ensue.

Adrenal fatigue has been my teacher here.

I’m pleased to say that now, after much considered care by his amazing vet, chiropractor, the barn owner, the farrier and with heaping doses of extra love from me and now two paddock buddies to pass the time with outside, Bear is feeling much better. In fact, it seems to me he’s moving more freely than I’ve ever experienced. Indeed, his frame of mind in his work appears to reflect this ~ probably because he is feeling more comfortable.

Like people, horses can get caught up in a negative way of being. It’s what they get used to so it becomes “normal.”

But then one day the ball drops.

The wake up call Bear gave me when he first appeared lame told me he was ready for change; told me he needed to rest before stepping even further into the new, more life-embracing way of being I’d chosen for us both earlier this year.

I’m glad I listened and had the support around me to move him gently into his next stage of development.

Today he gets a massage to complete this cycle of care.

Lucky horse. 😉

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I notice we’ve passed the 1,000 marker for followers. Thank you so much to one and all for showing such interest in my photography. I plan a retrospective of my favourite images for a future blog post when things settle down a bit around here. Stay tuned!

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Flying Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story


Dallard and Hershey


As we all know the trajectory of a life can change in a split second. You might call it a flying change.

Yesterday I was watching my new friend Dallard and his horse, Hershey, have a lesson with our coach, Stefan.

In this precise moment they’d just executed a lovely flying lead change (when a horse switches canter leads in mid air, thus a “flying” change), while Stefan pointed them in the new direction.

The remarkable thing about this image is the backstory.

Dallard purchased Hershey, a half-Thoroughbred/half-Hanoverian gelding, in June 2005 for his wife, Karen, six months after her diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. She was not a smoker.

In his own words: “She competed him once at an RCRA (Royal Canadian Riding Academy) Ice Breaker to complete a bucket list item. She was absolutely thrilled. I was Hershey’s groom for those three and a half years and I fell in love with him.”

When Karen died on July 18, 2008, Dallard couldn’t bear to part with Hershey and so started to ride, even though he’d had no previous riding experience.

Dallard is 70 years young.

Hershey is an angel.

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A Walk on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day morning I was up early to take my beautiful dog, Abbey, for a walk.

The weather was perfect for a gentle amble around the neighbourhood and through the park. We stopped by the stream and sat on a rock as the water babbled and burbled by our feet, birds of variety singing their May song and the sun’s rays warming our backs.

When it was time to go home we walked back through the park. Two small dogs, both off leash, ran over to us and attacked my beautiful girl (who was leashed). Their delinquent owners couldn’t call them off and so came bounding over to retrieve them, which they did with some difficulty.

Bless her, Abbey did not react to these two canine hooligans, but simply stuck close while I did my best to fend them off.

When we were finally able to remove ourselves from the situation, I sat Abbey down and gave her a big hug.

Such a good girl.

At home she looked so beautiful lying by the front door I simply had to capture the moment.


 If she could wish me a Happy Mother’s Day I know she would, as I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to women everywhere who find joy in their children.

Love my girlie.

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My Four-Legged, Furry Family

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

There are many kinds of family.

For this challenge I’m focusing on my furry, four-legged family.

I do not believe we can “own” animals. I believe that when an animal graces our lives with its presence it is a great blessing and we will be held accountable, at some point, for our stewardship over it.

My little furry family blesses my life in so many ways they cannot be numbered, and I care for them the very best I can in return.

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