Mediterranean Sunrise … Monaco

I’ve only been on a cruise once. It was in the Mediterranean and fabulous. We enjoyed several ports of call, including a day in Monaco and the French Riviera.

The ship docked in Monte Carlo in the early morning of a beautiful early September day. As we entered the harbour in those wee hours I was wide awake with the sunrise and out on the deck enjoying, and capturing, moments like this.

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Two Solitudes … Barcelona, Spain

During our recent trip to Barcelona we stayed at a hotel located near the Port Olimpic, site of the boating events of the 1992 Olympics.

The area boasts an expansive sandy beach (which is groomed every day), palm trees, night life, sailing school, many seafood restaurants and, of course, lots of opportunity for finding your own solitude.

It was easy to become mesmerized by the lolling waves of the Mediterranean Sea as they ebbed and flowed upon the sand and crashed into rocks around the piers. And even though it was cold for the time of year the locals, all bundled up against the chilled air, could be seen indulging in their own special solitudes by the sea — whether it was fishing, running, playing with the dog or, as depicted in this image, riding a bicycle or simply sitting in the sunshine staring at the sea.

Lloyd and I don’t get a lot of opportunity to walk near water, so we took advantage of our hotel’s proximity to the beach and walked there every day.

The brush of the wind through my hair, the roar of the constantly moving sea, the call of the seagulls, the intense reflection of the sun as it bounced off the water are all experiences locked in my memory and relived when I look at this image.

As for my solitude? It was to be found behind the camera capturing the solitudes of others.

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