Remembering …

Remembrance II


Their blood was lost;

In battle died

While far away

Their mothers cried.

The war not theirs,

But fought they did

For noble cause

Their bodies bled.

With open heart

And focused mind

They gave their all

For humankind.

Remember them,

Forget them not,

Our precious freedom

Their lives bought.


Stream of consciousness words for a day of remembering.


Archie Gordon

A salute to my great uncle, Flight Engineer Archibald Don Gordon, Bomber Command 405 Squadron killed in action April 6, 1942 over the Bay of Biscay, France. He was 23 years old.

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Where Light and Shadow Falls

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art




This is top of mind right now due to the tragic events in Ottawa and Montreal this week, and the senseless killing of two members of Canada’s military by rogue terrorists. And, of course, with Remembrance Day around the corner, the plight of our military is certainly held more in our hearts at this time of year.

This image reminds me of the great sacrifice members of our military make in the name of peace. And not just the ultimate sacrifice of life, but often the loss of vitality in mind, body and spirit and the toll it takes on their families and relationships.

Equine experiential learning is also top of mind for me at the moment as I participate in, and learn to facilitate, this healing modality.

Programs are available to help military veterans manage their PTSD and return to civilian life. For instance, Can Praxis out of Alberta, Canada and sponsored by Wounded Warriors of Canada is just one of many.

If I were to write a book about this it would be an inspirational collection of stories showing how the healing power of the horse has helped veterans reclaim their lives. I would put this image on the cover, perhaps with a superimposed image of a horse quietly grazing to illustrate peace and vitality and call it ~ “Where Light and Shadow Falls: Veterans’ Journeys of Healing by Way of the Horse” or something like that. The bulk of the proceeds would go toward supporting programs such as this.

It’s about reconnecting with the heart.

Interesting, isn’t it, that the poppy has the symbolic colour of the heart.

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