Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward … Horizons and Horses

Forward 2

There were two things that leapt to mind as I considered the idea of “Forward,” and I’ve decided to share them both.

The first is captured in this image of looking “forward to the horizon.”

Last summer my brother and I went for a drive east outside of Calgary toward the Badlands. The distances are so great, the sky so big that the eye is constantly lured forward to the horizon and what’s coming up. It reminds me that as long as we have a good idea of where we’re going in life and keep focused on that horizon we will eventually get there, even if the road does seem to disappear. We just need to keep moving forward.



For horse people “go forward” is a mantra.

Without forward momentum nothing can be achieved.

This image, taken at Spruce Meadows just outside of Calgary a couple of summers ago, exemplifies the equestrian “forward” in the sport of showjumping.

Everything says forward. I am drawn particularly to the forward, engaged position of the horse’s ears as she anticipates what’s coming next.

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