Birds of a Feather


Another winter day. Another snow storm. Another day stuck in the house.

That said ~ extra time to write and be creative. 😉

Let’s look on the bright side. This is my 300th blog post, after all. A time to celebrate by focusing on something beautiful.

A walk along the Thames River as it runs between Eton and Windsor is bound to attract a bevy of swans, and other avians, all anticipating a moment of your time and some bird kibble purchased from the local vendor.

So, while my accommodating husband fed the hungry I fed my camera with countless images hoping to digest a good’un.

This one works. In fact, I liked it enough to enlarge and plaque-mount it for my mother as a Christmas gift. She loves swans and was thrilled to receive it.

One observation ~ it’s nice to see water that isn’t frozen … except in time. 😉

Just six weeks until spring, folks.

Thanks for visiting,

Dorothy 🙂


©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014